About Us

Saltgirl Clothing Company was created to meet the growing involvement of women in the saltwater market.  Saltgirl Clothing Company is strictly for women and will only sell women cut clothing with women influenced designs, color choices and "realistic" sizes ranging from XS to 3XL (where available).   We hope you enjoy our clothing and that you continue to live the Saltgirl life!


About the owner



Jo Ann spent over 25 years as a US Merchant Marine navigating cargo vessels over the world's oceans. As a child of four, her mother took her to see a marine mammal exhibit and from that early age, she was fascinated with the world's oceans and the majestic marine mammals. Her overall goal as a child was to see all the whales she could in their natural environment.  She has traveled the world, navigated the major oceans and reached her childhood goals.  After retiring from the US Merchant Marines in 2011, she returned home to her Texas roots.  She has a passion for the Saltgirl lifestyle.